International Federation 
of Perioperative Nurses

The International Federation of Perioperative Nurses (IFPN) is a global organisation dedicated to actively promoting perioperative nursing. The IFPN mission is to support perioperative nurses working towards improving patient care globally; by promoting a safe surgical experience for patients, through evidence-based best researched practice standards and education, together with member organisations and other relevant collaborators.

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Perioperative Nursing is defined as a specialty that works with patients who are having surgery or other invasive procedures including diagnostics.

The surgical experience covers three phases: 

  1. Preoperative (before surgery),
  2. Intraoperative (during surgery), 
  3. Postoperative (after surgery),

‘Perioperative’ encompasses all 3 phases, and the perioperative professional provides nursing expertise and care throughout the entire patient journey.

A united network that aims to deliver shared ambitions for our specialty

IFPN is not a political organisation, to deliver personal or individual country agendas; it is a collaborative, a united network that aims to deliver shared ambitions for our specialty, through recognition and engagement with international strategic leaders; towards achieving a positive impact on patient experience and outcomes of care. Perioperative nurses have the experience, expertise, education and standardised evidence-based perioperative practice to engage strategically in the global perioperative network. In reality, it is recognised globally, that the delivery of healthcare is not attainable, without the input, commitment and engagement of the nursing profession.

A network engagement of like-minded professionals

IFPN is a network engagement of like-minded professionals, and the liaison and collaboration between the organisations that they represent. We are a support community of perioperative professionals, which lead the Organisation at board level and liaise with the member organisations they represent.

IFPN membership worldwide represents over 500,000 perioperative nurses, relying on a relatively small financial membership, supported by 15 registered association contributions.

The member associations are: 

  • AfPP (United Kingdom)
  • ACORN (Australia)
  • AORN (United States of America)
  • EORNA (Europe) (25 countries)
  • IPNA (Israel)
  • GORNA (Greece)
  • KAORN (South Korea)
  • JONA (Japan)
  • ORNAC (Canada)
  • PIORNA (Pacific Islands)
  • PNCNZ (New Zealand)
  • PNGORN (Papua New Guinea)
  • SPN (India)
  • SOBECC (Brazil)
  • TSORNA (Türkiye)

IFPN is the only international specialty organisation representing perioperative nurses at a global level, through the International Council of Nurses (ICN). Through ICN, IFPN is involved in international activities, strategic engagement and formation of policies on nursing issues, exercising influence in relation to perioperative nursing activity; with a number of affiliate specialty groups within ICN, and within the World Health Organisation (WHO) agendas.

The current elected Executive team consists of President Patrick Voight, Secretary Meryem Yavuz van Giersbergen and Treasurer May Karam.

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